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‘Round Sundre, Alberta
Wild horses roam.
Lost or abandoned
Open range is their home
Do you think God might count them,
Every night when the stars shine bright?
Some have a brand
Some understand
The songs of a cowboy
The feel of a hand...

But some are born wild
Like their sires and dams
Life rides these horses
Only instinct commands            
For the blood of the stallions
Lives on in care of the pregnant mares
Who has coloured the trail?
Who can tell the true tale?
Who will judge the wild horses?
And where they should dwell?

    Raw and genteel
    Earth shod kin
    Hair woven wind
    Bards of their songs
    Oh how they live  (How they live…)
    Before they are gone.

Repeat first verse:

Repeat last Lines:    Some have a brand
            Some understand
            The songs of a cowboy (cowgirl!)
            The feel of a hand…
 ©Katie Kidwell/Walt Liberty, 1993
This song can be listened to at: https://soundcloud.com/katie-kidwell/round-sundre

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Round Sundre