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I love you, I love you, forever Amen

In the love of the moment we say things we don't mean,

We promise to cherish, to love and to keep,

But by dawn mea culpa creeps onto the scene,

'What on earth was I thinking - how could you believe?'


The stars marred my judgement, your body confessed,

That you needed my love, as I needed your breasts,

What was said was no more than the moment required,

I sweetened your ear with some words that you liked.




In the love of the moment sweet joy rules the night,

A feather-touch lover, a gent so polite,

He promised to love her 'til worlds without end,

Kept his word and his promise, read on my dear friend.


The stars saw a passion in true love expressed,

Did I tell you I love you? The answer is yes,

I'll say it once more and I'll say it again,

I love you, I love you, forever Amen.


© Joseph G Dawson