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Our message is not on us,
Rather about Lord Jesus Christ;
Sent down by the Father as thus,
Hung on the cross and sacrificed.
I am a servant for His sake,
His servant because the same God;
Said the light should shine and will make,
Healing power where we are flawed.
The light that should be shining out,
Of darkness has given us light;
To rid ourselves of the doubt,
Exchange for knowledge and insight.
So we bring to light the knowledge,
Of the glory of Christ that shines;
On His face that we acknowledge,
We are the clay that He refines.
Our bodies are made of clay,
Yet we also have the treasure,
Of the Good News every day,
That knowing should bring us pleasure.
It has superior power,
For this treasure belongs to God;
A sweet smelling and not sour,
Each time that you honor and laud.
So many ways we are troubled,
But no way will we be crushed;
If no faith it would be doubled,
And never able to be flushed.
Maybe upset but not give up,
And we will not feel forsaken;
We drink not poison in the cup,
Our emotions not shaken.
We are captured, but will not die,
We carry a cross on the back;
We cannot be sadden to cry,
Or complain about what we lack.
Christ showed our mortal nature,
That is why death does work within;
But living as a new creature,
After being cleansed from the sin.

Copyright © 2016 Richard Newton Sherrer

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