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"The Drive-In"

The night is cold and windy,
the moon shines like the sun.
You look over and smile gently,
as the radio plays our song.
I rest my hand besides your leg,
you know I miss your touch.
You slide your hand inside of mine,
I want you oh so much.
We wrestle back and watch the stars,
as they drift aimlessly around.
I kiss you gently on the lips,
you hardly make a sound.
I gaze into your rainbow eyes,
get lost in shades of blue.
Like staring towards a bright sunrise,
my thoughts are consumed with you.
I want to touch you softly,
as I whisper in your ear.
Tell you all the things I feel,
when ever you are near.
But still your just a fantasy,
dissolving in the night.
A hopeless wish,
a desperate dream,
that will never see the light...

Tom Allen...