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A ramification of the innumerable Omnipotent fragrances of life that I , Nikhil Parekh , have smelt by the grace of God – I’m grateful to him for enlightening me about his chapters of invincible creation and considering me worthy enough to describe his unparalleled splendor , in a few words and in the shape of this book . A salient tribute to his undefeated power .

The compilation of poems depicts the Omniscient Creator in his infinite unconquerable shapes and forms . Goes to irrefutably prove that there is just one Creator , you choose to call him by whatever name – and for everyone one of us till the time we live . This book is a perpetual dedication to Almighty Lord . It quintessentially portrays the splendor of the Almighty Creator in his infinite forms . Goes to victoriously prove at every step , that no matter how hard the devil tries to annihilate the planet – an inconspicuous tap of the Lord’s finger makes him crumble to his very last non – existent frigid roots .

Poems depicting the ‘ Omnipotent ‘ glory of the Creator in an infinite forms that the poet could ever conceive . Natural and uninhibited outpourings of the heart these poems transport the reader into a world of spirituality and magnificence of Godhead . Every poetic piece shows Parekh’s unparalleled love for the Almighty and immortalizes the Omnipresent aura of the Lord in a boundless ways and shapes .

This spiritually enriched compendium of poems is for all those who’ve timelessly admired the miraculous prowesses and powers of God at each stage of their lives . Those who’ve lived each instant of their lives worshipping his Omniscient grace irrespective of the most murderous hell descending around . The poetic imagery brilliantly transcends over every inhibition of caste , creed , color and religion and goes to perpetually prove that all living beings are one and blessed in his fathomless sacrosanct light of truth . The poems depict Parekh’s oneness in mind , body and spirit with the Creator .

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