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“The Play”

I tried watching T.V.,
the Dodgers were in a dog fight
with the Giants,
but all I kept thinking about was her.
The crack of the bat,
the ball sailing deep to center field.
In that 2-seconds before the Home run or the catch,
I had already remembered 1, 000 different things about her.
The thud of the ball hitting high on the wall,
bouncing back into play.
The smile she gave me as she turned away from me,
the last time I saw her.
The center fielder is having a hard time getting the right angle
on the rebound off the wall.
When she looks at me intently as I speak,
as if what I have to say is important to her,
even though I know it's not.
The runner well past 2nd base,
as the center fielder finally gets a good handle on the ball,
and rockets it towards the infield.
The other day when she playfully stuck her tongue out at me
as she walked by.
The relay man catches the ball,
as the runner is charging towards home,
he spins and throws to a perfectly positioned catcher,
the phone rings,
the runner slides,
it's gonna be close,
It's Her...

Tom Allen...