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She sat upon her rock

In the middle of the Rhine

Singing Crystal notes to

Send shivers up the spine.

In the colder weather 

She wore a little vest

Artfully draped to expose

The cleavage of her chest.


She sang her song to entice

And wreck passing ships

In revenge for mans' act of

Adding fish to chips.

One old Hull trawler 

Turning  left instead of right

Came upon the Lorelei

Instead of Hull in sight.


While fiddling with his sextant

She began her fateful song

But being  a little busy  

He didn't stand that for long.

Picking up a bottle

Which he drained of beer

Then flung it at the maiden

To catch her on ear.


Yelping in pain,

Quivering with shock

That maiden finally fell

From the  Lorelei rock.

Ships now travel safely

All along the Rhine

No more  Siren song to 

Send shivers up the spine.


That River is now safe

For that Mermaid lives in fear,

Hiding in its deepest depths

When any ship draws near.

As for that Hull trawler:

She goes to fish no more;

Maggie Thatcher sold them out

To end that last Cod War.

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