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Cool rain falls fresh down my nose
It helps me to my thoughts compose.
The Lord has blessed, this much I know
But I’m hard pressed to face this blow.
I want so much to be of use
To wipe their eyes and find the truce.
The pain they bear is deep inside
And I have so few tools to guide.
I wish that I was strong like You
An army I would battle through.
Their eyes would dance with happy glee
And I would yet a proud mom be.
Instead to You I’ll lift my eyes,
Fears will wash as God’s dew flies.
My strength I do not need to build,
For You won’t leave us unfulfilled.
 It does not matter what we face,
Or who will try to form disgrace.
The One who made us won’t depart,
He’ll clean and heal the broken heart.
Deuteronomy 32:2, Hosea 6:3
By: Danielle Siders, 10/21/16

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Welcome Rain

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