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Until The End Of Day


When the last wild tree has fallen,

Concrete covered last bare earth,

When we've finally completed

Rape of the Mother Earth,

When the last bird has flown freely,

The last wild animal safely caged,

Will we be proud of the warfare

Against nature mankind has waged.

When the earth is one big city

With an outlook bare and bleak

Will we have finally achieved

The victory we seem to seek,

The natural world confined in

Glassed arboretum, in zoos

And nature is reduced to manicured

Manufactured sterile views,

When machines have pumped oxygen

Cleansing carbon oxides from the air,

Oceans been cleansed of the garbage

We had in the past thrown in there.

When global  warming is controlled

And the climate has settled down

Wondering if life will be of value

If, when looking around 

The only view is the buildings

Of the one big sprawling town

No more swinging swaying

Freely whispering trees

To accompany the birdsong

Drifting on a spring breeze,
Or that poignant scene
So hard to forget,
A skein of wild geese flying 
Against an early autumn sunset.




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Until The End Of Day