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Just Listening And Crying

When an Empire falls

Before things are fettled

Old debts are repaid 

And old scores settled.

They called it ethnic cleansing

A mealy mouthed term

For acts of violence and horror

To make anybody squirm.

There to keep the peace,

Just observers they said,

No mention of the fact of

Disposing of the dead.

Crude crucifixion he called it

To describe what they found

Bodies nailed to wooden walls

Feet just off the ground.

Done before or after death

I don't think he really knew

Had just closed his mind to

Get on with what he had to do.

It's all flashing back now

After so many years

And as I sit and listen

Both of us are in tears.

For he is my brother

My comrade in arms 

And sometimes a listening ear

Can help soothe and calm.

They send them off to war,

Violence wherever deployed

And give no thought or help to

Heal minds or bodies so destroyed.

Some times at night I wake

To scream in horror and despair

And I have only listened, not seen

Those acts perpetrated there.

Old scores settled

Uneasy peace come at last

For the present anyway 

It's all consigned to the past.

I'll be back on Drop In duty when

Next my turn comes around

And I'll do my best to keep

Both feet on the ground.

For we Veterans Help each other

Or at the very least we try

For, but for the grace of any god,

That could have been you or I.


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