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Giving God the Leftovers

The ancient Jews were instructed by almighty God,
For as long as they walked this mortal sod,
To offer to him the first fruits of their labor,
Whether gained by harvest or trade with their neighbor.

Jehovah demanded the finest, without blemish or spot,
A symbol of the Messiah, with his blood we are bought.
The years rolled on, and the Jews' dedication faded,
Their selfish greed grew as devotion became jaded.

The withered, the lame, the crippled, the refuse they gave,
For their hearts were hardened, by greed made slave.
As it was for the ancient Jews, in that long ago time,
So it is now, hearts grown dark with sin's grime.

We give not the first fruits, our finest and best,
A portion of the fullness wherewith we are blessed.
We offer our leftovers and dregs to God as sacrifice,
Ignoring that WE are bought with a great price.

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Giving God the Leftovers