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Her Controversy Will Always Be His

come on baby
be my little Suffragette

haven't you had enough talk of your
Rights yet

or are they the fairy dust of dreams
mere fluff bandied about?

will there ever be a Madame President...
would this guarantee you'd get paid
the Right amount

to not be just a short order Cookie
but a CPA-ette who never got to collect her full accounts

could you ever be considered a true Peer
take your place at the table to speak your full-deal mind, Dear...

would it take quite a shift in society's grinding gears
for the Cosmic Tailor to alter the hemlines of fate...

or darling, is it better to be pretty in every way and face
best to mind your words and your littler place
the second rung, the lesser tier of the Human Race?

truth be branded
truth be tolled
Her Controversy
will always be his.

This is in no way a promotion for the female candidate
for Presidency...I found this piece of poetry scrawled
across a scrap of paper in the bottom of a purse I do
not use that often and found it timely and interesting...
hence, I aired it out on this page.

I suspect this may be an unpopular poem,
oh well, some of my stuff often is.
Controversy is in the title.
There are so many inequalities left
here in the land of the home of the free
and the brave...this being just one of them.
Inequality being much too nice of a word
for what is going on.

Copyright November 2013/ no date noted
Written down for legal copyright on November 5, 2016
9:50 in the morning Pacific Standard Time
All legal copyright for this work, for this Site Title
by this Author/Writer Melissa A Howells/Meloo
straight from her Tilt-a-World

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