It's All In My Head

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Marriage Failed

              How can you do all these horrible things to me,
I've always been there for you just like Bonnie & Clyde that's how we used to be.

           I want to hate you so badly with my whole heart,
But God says I must always forgive so I need to find A way to start.

           However I don't have to be there for you anymore,
That's your own fault you closed that door.

            I wish things didn't have to end this way,
I thought we'd be in each other's lives until either of our last day.

           Everything happens for A reason I guess that's true,
No matter what I may think I want I really do not belong with you.

          It's obvious your hatred for me you don't have to force,
So I'm writing this to you to kindly ask for A divorce.

 10/2016.                  Written by:
                        Kelly Rich
For my wonderful loving soon to be ex husband,
may your life be better without me.

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