It's All In My Head

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The Love of an addiction

I really thought you loved me you quickly showed
me you did not, but not until after you spun your
deadly web in which I was already caught.

I thought you made me so happy because of
how you blew my mind, later I realized that it was
because of you that my mind I wasn't able to find.

I did love how you made me feel ohhh yes I must
admit, however it's all the waisted money an all the
sleepless nights an the lack of care for myself I
I need to never forget.

From this day on I will leave you alone and get
myself in gear, never again will I allow you to control
my pain or my fears.

I never really believed you'd take such A strong
hold over me, but I am stronger now too an
I'm gonna win this battle just wait and see.

I'm cutting these ropes right now as well as
any other ties you have on me, It's time I
regain control and set myself free.

Written By: Kelly Rich