It's All In My Head  
  Kelly Rich

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 My Shinning Star

             You've always been A super hero to me,
   Now your spreading your wings so that everyone can
    can see.

           What A truly amazing son you have grown to be,
    Even though you're A solider in the army now you'll
    forever be my baby.

         God blessed me so much when he gave you to me,
    You have by far exceeded any expectations for what
     I'd always hoped for you to be.

         You're an amazing son nephew cousin and brother,
    You've touched not only mine but the hearts of so many

         I couldn't ask for anything more than what you
      already are, I love you my son you are my bright
                 shining star..
                      Written by:Kelly Rich, 2016
          Dedicated to: my oldest son Matthew Rucci,
         I am so very lucky to have the privilege to
          be your mother, words could never express the
          Love my heart holds for you...Love Momma Duke..


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