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Written November 2016
by S.C.Mitchell.


When snowflakes fall - their beauty gives us inner joy when they
Land upon untrodden ground - and in the glare of lamplight - they
Appear as myriads of diamonds scattered all around - until that foot
Or wheel moves over that once pristine scene - and mars the beauty -
And destroys what once was perfect and serene - and then the
Light begins to fade - and we look back - and see the muddy
Prints - at times -  our walk in life has made .

But - such is a life - until we feel the touch of God - and He removes
Our stain and guilt - and covers us - in His all-cleansing sinless blood -
How wondrous then is that first step in His Amazing Grace - when He calls us -
His Beloved - His adored - in His embrace - where we are given an unwritten page
A brand new start - where God can set His seal of love -
On our believing - waiting - trusting heart.

But we must stay upon that path of faith - that tells us we are free from
All our past disgrace - as we climb higher to our final home and goal - saved
From the rocks  of sin's destruction far below - out of the way of predators - that
Try to bar our way - into the golden sunrise - that would crown our coming
Day - where snow clad peaks await us - shining high above - that draw
Us on towards the arms - of God's unending love .

Then - looking back - when reaching our Eternal destiny and goal -
T'would seem as if we'd flown across a snowy field - that covered all our
Pain and wounds of our once earthly soul - and helped us soar - on eagle's
Wings - of power - and love and grace - into the very sun itself - that Holy Place -
Where God our Father reigns supreme - and bids us come - beyond the
Dangers of this world - to His Majestic - Glorious Throne .

And so - To Him who keeps me closely by His side - I say -

Come quickly LORD - and take this wandering child - of Your desire -

And bring me safely Home -

I Pray .

Amen .


Since the loss of my friend , and many changes that have taken place in
my life , I confess there have been times my thoughts have gone to Higher
realms  where there are no more partings or tears , and we are embraced
in the loving arms and care of God .

But , only He knows the date and times for each of us to depart this life ,and
my prayer is that many will give their heart to the Lord ,who gave His all for our
salvation , so we can have the assurance that ..Though our sins were red as 
scarlet, they shall be white as snow .

God bless you all
Love Stella X


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