No Olive Branch

No Olive Branch                   November 13, 2016

They came to our country stole our home

Killed our people ourselves alone

Invade a country with power and might

The Irish people continue the fight

Donegal homes, William street

Milltown where our heroes sleep

Ten martyrs in Belfast died all alone

Bloody Sunday in Derry, British justice was shown

Belfast town, Dublin and Cork

The fighting Irish on the streets of New York

Australia stood with us,the colonial boy

the world still sings the Merry Plough Boy

Four Green Fields are here to stay

Leave our land, go away

Thirty two counties before they came

Nothing has changed the patriot game

An olive branch is an offer of peace

No olive branch till we have peace

The army must go, never say no

Ireland for the  Irish, we'll help you go

They came to our country and stole our home

Killed our people ourselves alone

Gerrard McGeachy


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No Olive Branch

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