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The MINNESOTA trees, , over one hundred years --OLD
Stand so tall, great, broad, and grand, enduring every weather, rain, sleet, and snow, bitter freezing cold, and in the summer, humid boiling sunshine, and through it all, survive, and thrive, so MAGNIFICENT--GREAT--and--BOLD

These great, MINNESOTA TREES, grow to great, great, magnificent--HEIGHT
In the hot summertime, i know, the shade found, is of great--DELIGHT, cooling the hot MINNESOTA--SUN--so--BRILLIANTLY--BRIGHT

The leaves are all, gone, now in the mid, november--MINNESOTA--BEAUTIFUL--FALL
The-cold- leaves, are clumped around every tree, in heaping piles so broad and --TALL

The base, and trunk of every golden oldie--MINNESOTA--TREE
Is ten times greater, and wide as--ME

In this BEAUTIfUL, MINNESOTA, my boyhood,--HOME-LAND
These great trees, that surround, all around, through every MINNESOTA, city, countryside and little, town, they stand out so, great, tall, and grand, majestic, magnificent, beautiful, as they endure, and , proudly --STAND

In MINNESOTA, these trees they grow, so DEEP, and so, GREAT
With great LONGEVITY, as its--LIFE--LIVING--and--LOVE--BLESSING--and--FATE

The trees take life, nice, and easy, and --SLOW
With a MINNESOTA, charm, easy, as, she --GROWS

These great--MINNESOTA--trees, they give me--inspiration, stamina, endurance, drive commitment, and --STRENGTH
To improvise, adapt, and overcome, anything, and everything ,with the magnificence, mightiness, and greatness, of these,humble and , kind, MINNESOTA, trees, and to move forward , at great--LENGTH

For in my life, living, and love, i EXPECT, to SUCCEED
With these beautiful MINESOTA,--GREAT--TREES--in my heart, mind, body, and, soul, to --Take--the--LEED

These great--MINNESOTA--TREES--the--roots--run--wide--and--DEEP
Where ever i go, where ever that i roam, these great--MiNNESOTA--trees, in my heart, and mind, every step, and breath, i will take, this memory, i will cherish, hold onto, --and--FOREVER--KEEP

By john d JUNGERS
14th of novemberr--2016

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