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Even if i am blind, and with my eyes, i can no longer--SEE
For this i know, and believe, oh LORD, that one day, one year, someone very special, will come to me, and --LOVE--ME,-- CHERISH-- ME, --APPRECIATE --ME, --and --RESPECT --ME,-- just as i AM--just--simple--ME

So im going to try, to just--STOP--looking, seeking to find, all--AROUND
And PRAY, to be PATIENT, strive, to be better, than my very best, and this i know, in my HEART, and MIND, BODY, and SOUL, that one day, i will be--DISCOVERED--, LOVED--and--FOUND

So in the MEAN-TIME,
Like, right now, and right here, i will continue, to write, and fight the good fight, blossum and bloom, and enjoy, right here, where i am at, in the late fall, BEAUTIFUL--MINNESOTA--SUNSHINE

By john d jungers
14th of november 2016

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Even if i am blind,