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When i am here in MINNESOTA, Out and--WALKING
I am very humbled, as people are QUICKLY--a--PASSING--BY--ME--and--a--ZINGING

It seems like folks are in such better and great--SHAPE
As i am, just at my, turtle pace, humming slow and steady, with no debate

When im here in--MINNESOTA--a--WALKING
Seems folks that are, passing me by, slow and fast, they all are busy talking, on theie cell phones, and too busy, to even say, HELLO, to me, cause they are,just pre-occupied, talking, and, talking

Not too long ago, at disneyland, in California, i saw the same exact thing
Where folks, they are just, too pre-occupied, on their cell phone, and no COMMUNICATION, to another, with a single, and simple, greeting of HELLO, can they BRiNG

I really think, that technology, and computers, and cell phones are super great
But how folks lately, cant even, COMMUNICATE, with a new stranger, standing besides them, or walking by them,, i know that is a MISTAKE Folks now a days, they just do not, even take the time, to say, a simple or kind, caring, considerate or--nice--friendly--HELLO Folks now a days, they are just, so into themselves and on their computers and phones, so bust to themselves and on the GO Folks are just so busy, and on the go,and care not, to be, communitive with a new person, or a stranger, and very OPEN, WELCOMING, or--FRIENDLY Every place, and everywhere i roam, and go, this is more and more, just wgat i SEE
By john d jungers
13th of november 2016

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