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Has been mighty good, and fine

In my MINNESOTA, in the late, november fall, has been, very, very, impressive, and unseasonally, full of WARMTH, and bright--SUNSHINE

Today, on the weather news forcast
It is suppose to be unseasonablly, WARMER, for today, and the weather man did say, that today, will be the final WARM, day, and LAST

Bitter cold, and blizzard storm conditions, with dangerously high winds, are a blowin in, and predicted, up to a foot of snow, and freezing ice, are forcasted, to be STORMIN, the MINNESOTA, WAY
As the news reported, as a hazardous, and dangerous weather warning, to hit this early --morn--SATURDAY

So for my MINNESOTA, time
I was BLESSED, and just very LUCKY, to have so much, mild weather, and WARMTH, with full, and beautiful, late, MINNESOTA, fall, lovely--SUNSHINE

My MINNESOTA time will, soon, come to an END
As on sunday, early morn, im heading back, to my CALIFORNIA--THEN

I know, that i shall return, soon enough
In the middle of the winter, when the MINNESOTA, weather, is rough snowy, bitter cold and--TOUGH

The CRISP, COOL, and fresh, beautiful, MINNESOTA--AIR
Has made me feel, MIGHTY--FINE--and--MIGHTY--FAIR

By john d JUNGERS

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