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“The Little Things”

It's the little things she does,
That makes her so special.
A soft hand on a tired shoulder,
An uplifting smile on a very bad day.
A sly look that is both silly & sexy,
At the same time.
She has this inner spark,
That lights even the darkest heart.
I should know,
It lite mine.
Everyone wants and tries,
To be in her circle of life.
They are always so playfully happy,
Whenever she focuses her light a pond them.
I'm just sitting at the very edge of her circle,
Bound to her by just a few kind words.
I'm like a dead rock,
Orbiting a bright star.
Never getting close enough to feel her warmth,
Only watching her light reflecting off,
All of the people around her.
But alas,
I am just a simple rock,
A cold dirty stone,
Drifting through the darkness of space.
Waiting for just a glimmer,
Of her reflected light,
To shine a pond me.
The little things she does,
Will never be for me…

Tom Allen…