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How will we be remembered after we are gone
Will they recall how we all were as children
Maybe they will talk about those simple days

Friends may speak of things we'd done in school
Our best friends will remember the special times
And the girls we were so awkward with at dances

There'll be discussions of our athletic abilities
Who was the best at this or that in high school
None of us were really as great as we had thought

Great times we had growing up will bring smiles
There will be laughter at the things we had done
Maybe a snicker or two of things we hadn't tried

Then suddenly the mood will once again become sober
Eventually a subject never discussed will be broached
For all these years everyone refused to speak of it

A subject that was hidden with shameful implications
No matter how we had tried to talk to our families
They refused and wouldn't understand our need to talk

It was always hushed up and just turn a deaf ear to us
For we went and committed the worse sin of all the sins
We had chosen to enlist instead of waiting to be drafted

You see if you were drafted then you were just a victim
But when you enlisted freely then you were the aggressor
They thought you wanted to kill those innocent people

Then the worst thing of all they said we lost our war
No Americans had ever lost their war in our own history
So now we were not only baby killers we were losers too

We were sprayed and betrayed by our own government too
As we had started becoming so ill from the chemicals
The Veterans Administration was suppose to treat us

But rather than admit their mistakes which were costly
They instructed the VA how to handle our medical claims
Their new motto became "Deny, deny till they all die"

Then they wondered why Vietnam veterans had attitudes
We were told to shut up and forget the war happened
And as veterans slowly died off we became expendable

So now family and friends gather for another funeral
Trying to make heads or tails as to why it happened
Why did these guys turn out the way they did in life

Perhaps now you may finally give us the benefit of doubt
And realize that we were given an impossible task to do
We were just kids defending our bases and our brothers

We had this saying in Vietnam "It don't mean nothing"
Difficult things we can and will do right away for you
But the impossible things will take just a little longer

To many then it was hard for them to see even still today
We were young warriors once seeing things no one should see
We were just kids out of high school sent to do a man's job

Terry Sasek - Alwaysawarrior - all rights reserved.

And people to this very day wonder why we turned out like we did!

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