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This is a special day of cheer

But loved ones seem so far from here.

I’m glad for love that fills my life

Yet absence plays a piercing fife.


Alone inside these walls of warmth

Reflections sing of joy performed

I close my eyes to sharpen thus

The image of my time with us.


Somewhere inside this silent room

I feel your pull to me resume.

Emboldened by my sense of loss,

I seek the One who passed the cross.


Just stay with me this morning whole

And I won’t feel this gaping hole.

Together we will dance supreme,

Till refreshed souls begin to gleam.


One day I soon will hug them tight.

The wait endured will smiles ignite.

But I’ll recall my dance with you,

And twirl inside with gratitude.

Psalm 30:11-12
By: Danielle Siders, 11/24/16

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