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I am changing, rearranging, my life, LOVE, and LIVING

I am changing, rearranging my life, LOVE, and LIVING
By bringing back my health as my wealth to MYSELF, and ABUNDANTLY--GENEROUSLY--a--GIVING

Improvise adapt and overcome
At the beginning of the day, until the day is done

With my mission, my goals and my quest
Im on time, on target, to becoming my absolute very very best of the best

So on this THANKSGIVING--2016" i still may have a long long way still to go
But ill say that my, progress i know is beginning to finally show

Night and day, alone i have been a fighting this fight
With my mission, my goal and my quest always in sight

For as i know, what i have been doing, is very challenging, exhausting, draining, mentally, physically and emotionally, and a difficult battle minute by minute of every hour of every day, and tough
But as i know, and understand, when the going gets rough the strong get tough, they never say never they never quit never get enough

With mission, goal and quest in heart and mind
Strength stamina and endurance you reach down inside and find

On this 2016--THANKSGIVING
I am changing, rearranging, my life, LOVE and living, and im just getting warmed up and as i know, in my HEART and MIND, BODY and SOUL, i am on a POSITIVE LIFE--CHANGING--ROLL--and--this--is--ONLY--the--start--and--BEGiNNING

By john d jungers
24th of november 2016

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