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This mornin im really TIRED and WORN-- DOWN
Not too much GET-UP and GO and ENERGY this MORNIN is --EASILY--FOUNDbr />
Am just feeling EXHAUSTED and--SPENT Feel NOT- pERFECT, but with--DENT
I made it through thanksgiving--YESTERDAY But i realize now this mornin it really EXHAUSTED me MENTALLY and PHYSICALLY, --in --every --WAY
EMOTIONALLY-- i --feel --so--SPENT--and--EXHAUSTED Just alot of different EMOTIONS i felt, and did my best not to get UNRAVELED --OR--UPSET
But-- my --ex-wife --was --their --also --with-- the --kids --TOO
And --i --felt --kinda ---LOUSY---and --just --NOT--GOOD--ENOUGH-- no --matter --what --i --SAY--or --DO>
Not even one word to me did she even have to --SAY Or even acknowledge me and look my--WAY
So i tried my--VERY--BEST, of my--BEST Working hard in the house, arranging all of the left overs , putting everything away neatly arranged in the fridge, cleaning the messy oven, the floor the house, washing all of, the dishes, , and cleaning up as they were all visiting, eatting, and by myself cleaned up all the--THANKSGIVING--MESS>
For--all--of--the--kids--i--use-- to --COOK--NIGHT-- and --DAY I --always --tried --and--did--my--very--BEST-- to --IMPRESS-- EVERYBODY---most--, especially-- on --every --THANKSGIVING --DAY--every--year--in--EVERY--WAY
I --haven't-- made--a --dish --for --maybe --the --past --three --THANKSGIVINGS --and --YEARS> But --today-- i --made --one-- with --my --scalped-- potatoes --and --cheese --and --broccoli--, and-- They --all --enjoyed --it --HERE
So i kept busy cleaning up, and arranging --EVERYTHING br /> now --this --morning --im --feeling --EMOTIONALLY--WORN--DOWN--am --kinda --wearing --a --SAD--FROWN--trying-- to --continue --to --FIGHT--the --GOOD--FIGHT-- and --my --FIGHT--CONTINUE----to ---WIN
When --im --around --her --i --feel-- LOWER--THAN--DIRT When --im --around --her,-- i --feel --that --I---HAVE---NO---WORTHbr />
I -can -see -in -her- face -and -eyes
That -she -is -so -proud -of -herself-, that- she -won -and -forever- will -get -her -money -in -alimony -from -me -more -and- some-, and -she -acts -so -cool-, so -distant -and -wise

So -----this -----morning -----im -----FEELING-----VERY-----VERY----- UNEASY Am -----actually----- FEELING-----KINDA-----SICK-----and -----QUESEY
I -don't-expect -her -to -even -look -at -me
I -don't- even -expect- her -to -compliment -me,- she- is -far -away-, happy -and -estranged-, divorced -and -happy,- content,- with -my -money,- alimoney,- and- has -everything -from -me--even -she ---BETRAYED--- me--all ---for. ---FREE
So -when- i -look -at -her I -can -see -she -acts -so -tough, -so -hard, -so -confident -and -so -sure
So ---this ---MORNIN--- I'm---A---MOVIN--- a ---LITTLE--SLUGGISH---and-----A---SLOW Don't-- quite --have --too --much --GET-- UPS-- and --on --the --GO
Yesterday ---THANKSGIVING,--- DAY,--- really--really--took-- alot-- outta --me --and --Now --im,-- a -- feeling-- so --EXHAUSTED--TIERD-- and --WORN--DOWN I --need --to --get --my --MOTIVATION--, and --my --MOMENTUM--- REFOUND
But -i -know -that-I-really -did -my -absolute -and -very,- very,- BEST Even ---though ---I---felt ---kinda ----WORTH-LESS----and-- not----GOOD--ENOUGH----to --some --people --and --STRESSED

By john d jungers
25th of november 2016

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This mornin im really tierd and worn down