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Our WORDS, spoken to another, REALLY--MATTER
Every word, spoken, every tit and,--TATTER

For the words that you decide to--say, and --SPEAK
Be cautious, careful, concerned, and smart, because what you, speak, and say, will cause another to feel, great happy, or troubled, hurt and--WEAK

Some will so bullishly, meanly, ruthlessely, uncaringly, just brashly,rant and rave, talk and talk, and--SPEAK
With no care, concern, of what and how they may talk and speak, how they may effect another good bad or ugly, making, another feel sick, terrible troubled, discussed-- and--WEAK
The words and mannerisms and actions that you so confidently, throw at others, like mud pies--, and dish --so rudely--OUT
When the exact same comes, right back to you in your--FACE--don't-- cry --and --POUT

With the words that we --DECIDE-- to say and speak to any --OTHER Think before you leap, hurtful and rude words to yourself be wise swallow, and just keep, words that we say, matter most, be kind caring, compassionate, gracious and speak well of others, is the advice from my agnes my dear--MOTHER

You will have great REGRETS, and REMORSE
If the words you speak, are hard, bad, disrespectful, distasteful, demeaning, and rude, uncaring, brash and mean, be cautious be wise, and if you are smart you will-- RIGHTLY-- NICELEY, POLITELY--change your tone, change and rearrange, your--COURSE

By john d jungers
30 th of november 2016

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Our words to another MATTER