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The power of the heart

There was a time when my love and I sailed

Together in the moonlight vowing never to part

No matter what. Promises made, promises kept?

Well, no, not for us, for the day came when our

Boats gradually drifted apart and now even with

My eye pressed to the most powerful telescope

Her craft has slipped away and even the dot in

The distance is no more


But that doesn't mean I don't think of her, don't

Still have a special place at Christmas for her

Wherever she is. Love is love and there is no

Escaping the power of the heart. What kind of

A man would I be if I didn't reflect on the love

The most beautiful girl in the world once gave

Me. I can't just abandon the thought of holding

Her, loving her, even the feel of her skin is still

On my hands. I know every inch of her, I've

Kissed every inch of her, so how can I possibly

Forget her when she was once the air that I



Sometimes she disturbs my sleep I feel her move

Beside me. I know she's not there but a dash of

Perfume on a pillow adds to the theatre of dreams

And thus, if I can feel her move and I can smell her

Perfume she must be there - silly, but it helps me

Me sleep.


Fantasy aside, I wasn't prepared for it nor did I even

Think of it at the time but I soon discovered that the

First love in your life stays in your life and no matter

What you do - you cannot shake off that which found

Its way to your heart. Love is forever and I will miss

Her forever and right now there is a sprig of mistletoe

Hanging over the front door just in case her boat is

Harboured nearby and she feels drawn to share a

Glass of cheer…


©Joseph G Dawson


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