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Im going back to MINNE/SOTA, to find my PEACE, SERENITY, and QUIET Here, i have--become-- too --disturbed,-- upset, --causing -me to cuss and have been very, restless, far from my BEST, with RIOT
So --today --a --plane --outta --here,-- i --know --ive --gotta --GET And --head --east --to --MINNESOTA----and----JET Am just very disappointed, with things that have--WRONGLY--MEANLY--and--RUDELY--happened--and--OCCURED Really feel, so--UNSETTLED--DISRUPTED--DISGRUNTLED--, messed --up --and --PERTURBED
So --im-- heading-- east --to --MINNESOTA, --to --DISAPPEAR Im --just --going --to --be --alone, --and --find --my --PEACE, --LOVE, --SERENITY,-- and --have --to ---quickly---leave --HERE
So --alot --is --HURTING--and--DISTURBING, UPSETTING--and--DISGRUNTLING --my --HEART,-- MIND-- BODY, --and ---SOUL I have to depart for MINNESOTA, as soon as i can, i cant lose my POSITIVE, momentum, and disrupt my mission, my quest, and GOAL
So back to MINNESOTA, i will depart --sooner--than--latter---to--my--boyhood----HOME--SWEET--HOME--LAND And take care of my health as my. Wealth, --where --i --confident--and--STRONG--will --hold --onto --my --MOMENTUM--MOTIVATION--and --BOLDLY---CONFIDENTLY--FAITHFULLY--PRAYERFULLY--SILENTLY---CALMLY--with--GOD---STAND
My words are ceased As i will withold my tongue, and have words for none, and hold onto ---my ---PEACE---, SERENITY---, and ----LOVE---in --my --MINNESOTA,--LAND--of--LAKES-- --at---LEAST
What ---a --curve --ball,-- I---DID---GET If i told people, exactly, a matter of factly just what and how that i feel, their will be a major falling out, with anger --cuss--and--and -loud--shout,-- , and --then --it --will --be----REGRET
So --as --i --know--, to --MINNESOTA --alone --again, --ive --gotta ----JET--SET Gotta --up --and --move,--save--my--life--living--and--love-- find --my --POSITIVE--, MOTIVATION--,MOMENTUM-- and --GROOVE-- gotta-- -get--up--and --GET---out --and --on --the --MOVE--and --a --GET-- before --i --stay --here, --and --put --people-- in --their --place, --and-- cuss --and --yell, --shout--, and --then ---SILENCE--and--a--MAJOR--FALLING--OUT--, for --YEARS-- will --HAPPEN--and--OCCUR--and --then --their ----will ----be ----GREAT--REMORSE--and---REGRETS
But as i know and --FAITHFULLY---Hold--onto--HOPE--and--PRAY That ---for ---us ---all, ---GOD,--- will ---rightly,--- judge ---us ---all, ---in --EACH--and--in----EVERY---WHICH-- A--WAY--how--we--act--and--talk--and--treat--others--every--DAY
So --if --i --am --wrong-- guilt --and--shame--with --me --should --BELONG But i know, others are looking at me as dumb, and they see themselves as smarter, wiser , brighter, and in each and in everything, always --RIGHTER--and --so --much. --BRIGHTER--and--BETTER--. than --ME--and--EVERY-ONE--, as they look at me, the dad, as being very weak, and they ---so --BRASH--BRAVE--GREATER--than--GREAT-- STRONG--in --SHAPE--and-- GREAT--and --INVINCIBLE-- as --the --MIGHTY-----UN-BEATABLE--UN-DEfEATABLE-----almighty----KING--KONG
I can see and feel, that they feel-- NO--EVIL--SEE--NO--EVIL---have---NO----WORRIES----------NO--------HEART--------NO-------GUILT-------NO-------CONSCIENCE-------NO------WRONG As my words and myself, is going to-- soon become, distant and silent--, and --just -plain--done--and--GONE
Time will tell for us all And will humble us --pick--us--up--and--put--us--on--a--pedastal---or---life--will--come--back--and---HUMBlE--US--and---KNOCK --us down,-- if --we --act --so ---ARROGANT---RUTHLESS---SELFISH--GREEDY--JUDGEMENTAL-- UNKIND--UNCARING--, MEAN--, and --so --so--UNCARING--INSENSITIVE---SELFISHLY--RUDELY---so--almighty--WISE--ALL--KNOWING----PROUD-- and--KNOW--IT--ALL--and--so--so--almighty--and--PROUD--and --this--is--what--i--know---ONE--DAY---WE--ALL--WILL---GET----BACK---EXACTLY---A--MATTER--OF--FACTLY--to--others--what---we--gave--and---RISE---or------FALL
By john d jungers

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Im going back to MINNESOTA