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Construction Worker - An Ongoing Saga

A monument to construction,

Four towers rearing high

Long slim structures

Reaching for the sky,

And slung down below

The Humber Bridge carriageway,

Finally bridging a river unbridged

Since before the Roman's day.

Concrete poured down shuttering 

In a constant but steady flow

A process that cannot be stopped

Once the button is pressed to go.

So there are bodies in those towers

A construction workers' grave

Any faller in that concrete

Too badly burned to save.

So carry on the process

Whisper a little prayer

More merciful to leave them

To quickly die down there.

And the construction carries on

And when they hang the final span

They leave the bodies there,

Price of being a construction man.

And when the bridge was opened

And the traffic started to roll

How many people realised more
Than money was paid as toll.

The next project called and so

They left behind their dead

Maybe said their goodbyes

With respectful bow of head

There is danger in construction:

The wages may be high

But many are disabled

And far too many die.

Next time you drive across  

You could spare a little thought 

For some of the lives lost

So your passage could be bought.

She rears up to the sky 

Tribute to the daring and skilled

And a fitting monument to
Any Construction worker killed.

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Construction Worker - An Ongoing Sage