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“The Crush”

Maybe today,
I feel strong today,
I can face her today and not play the fool,
For once.
Then I hear her voice from across the warehouse,
And I start to shrink.
My self-confidence starts to melt away from me.
My Heart's shield slowly dripping to the floor.
Just from the sound of her words.
I turn a corner before she sees me,
Just to get some space and time.
I gather my strength and try best I can,
To rebuild my armor.
Then I see her off to the side of the warehouse
Working all alone.
My mind's racing to come up with a perfect
Opening or thought.
If I can get her to smile,
Just smile,
Maybe then.
Ok I got it,
The 1st couple of witty comments,
To get the conversation going.
I rehearse them over and over in my mind,
Changing the wording around till I'm sure,
The words will flow smoothly when I deliver them.
I slowly start walking towards her,
Feeling better with every step.
I reach her and start with a “Hey”,
Just to get her attention,
Before I begin my monolog.
She tilts her head to face me,
Looking directly into my eyes.
I hear “What's Up”,
In an upbeat carefree voice.
But it's too late,
I'm captured by her Rainbow eyes,
Lost in shades of Blue.
I take a step back,
Pull myself from her gaze and mumble,
“Talk to you later”,
Through a very weak smile.
As I quickly fade away,
Back into the obscurity,
Of the back isles of the warehouse.
5:15am alarm going off,
I open my eyes,
Maybe Today…

Tom Allen…12-02-2016…