Words For The Soul

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You walked beside me in the woods
Soaking in the rays of sunlight  
Listening to sounds of nature all around us
We paused under the majestic oak tree
Placing a gentle kiss upon my lips
You spoke of how blessed you feel
To be finally and fully United

There is a completion now 
As the years of separation and longing
 Had given way to 
Deep wisdom, strength, and understanding
The Unconditional Love you have 
For there is no other woman with whom
 You would rather share your life with

I could see the sparkle in your eyes
As your Soul, OUR Soul was on fire

At that moment you knelt before me
Taking my left hand 
You gently slipped a rose quartz ring
 Upon my finger
We held each other close for awhile
Savioring this moment of Bliss
That we shall cherish for all of eternity


12/5/2016  preciouspoetess (All Right Reserved)