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Construction Work - Retirement

From Public School to University,

A few years as a political aid,

Eventually a safe Party seat,

That's how our leaders are made.

Never served an apprenticeship

Worked on a building site

What the hell makes them think

That they have the right

To decide after a life of labour

I can  work well past sixty five:

After years in construction

I'll be lucky just to be alive.

Have they ever used a shovel

Have they ever swung a pick

Climbed up a ladder shouldering

A full hod of house bricks?

No, they just sit in Westminster

That so called democratic farce

Fiddling their expenses and

Growing their great fat arse.

Just a bunch of leeches

Drawing a salary to shirk

While a Civil Servant does

All the real government work.

We don't work nine to five

In a nice warm place

We're outside all the time

With the weather in our face. 

And when each day is over

Pull the covers over my head,

After a few pints, to sleep

Exhausted in my rented bed.

No second home for us

Taxpayer subsidised

Just a working mans digs

Bed and two meals supplied.


And each evening contact

With my real home life

A nice little phone chat

With the kids and the wife.

You drink at my expense
In the subsidised house bar

Maybe driven home

In your subsidised car.

So until you've lived my life

Felt your aching muscles on fire

Don't have the gall to tell me

When I can and can't retire.

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