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My tears roll down my face once more, you say you’ll never leave
But I have heard that line before, my faith’s too small to cleave.
So many came onto my path, they said I’m worth a lot,
Yet when they got enough from me their feet were fast to trot.
I asked you why you let me fall, you knew that I would bleed.
If I knew one would hurt themselves, I’d surely intercede.
My child, you said, you had to learn that pain is very real.
Then you would know just what to do to get off of its wheel.
Many travel in a daze and know that they are hurt
Endless cycles they still trod won’t let their pain avert.
You, my child, are dear to me, on you I have designs.
For them to take root in your life you have to realign.
Just walk with me, and take my hand, and let me lead the way.
Don’t overthink my love for you; let your heart be the sleigh.
Together we can overcome that which will thwart your walk,
Patience, trust and love will reign, and I will be your rock.
2 Samuel 22:2-3, Matthew 7:24, Song of Songs 2:14
By: Danielle Siders, 12/7/2016

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Healing in the Rock

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