Distorted/Epiphany/Benediction/Sunrise/Ascension/Demo Reel

Last Insight

there is no rest
for the insecure perfectionist
for as soon as the drapes are drawn
the walls torn down
they're ready after so many
years of pent up resentment
to tear you from limb to limb
for they're incapable of turning
the blade on themselves.

be careful who you open your heart to
for they may have an insane fixation
to sully your reputation as
it goes back to childhood expectations
to be serious endlessly and
if you dared to act like a kid
you quickly learned how to
live in your head
besides you'll have plenty of time
to do as you please
six feet and under.

and so goes the raging conflict
do better or some hunter
will mow you down
take it too easy and
you'll be left behind
wishing, praying and hoping
for another shot at the game
am I being too serious for you?
cover your ears and eyes
and open your mouth wide
and allow them to pour
mind numbing, zombified
chemicals down your throat
"but I won't feel a thing!"
(smiling) "indeed, the last insight you'll have the pleasure or displeasure to know."

P 11/11/15.

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Last Insight

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