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In Your Light

I can't wait to see you again
lord knows when that will be
only so many down here
I can be truly open and free with
a blessing or a curse?
this too shall pass
a favorite quote of yours
for I know it to be wise
too often I'm falling behind
sacrificing my wants, needs and desires
leaving me stuck, entrapped
resentful instead of inspired
where anger stokes the fire.
you were one of the shrinking few
that could see beyond
what was ill-perceived selfishness
for I yearn for credit
when I'm made aware of an accolade
that wasn't deserving but
undoubtedly self-serving
but I have a horrible habit
of letting ridiculousness
and irrelevance get under my skin
leaving me with a stupefied expression
as to why I never "win"
yet I can hear your voice now
who are you to judge?
for I have no other choice
but to try once more
and hear job well done
from your lips
in your presence
when my number is called.

P 12/14/15.

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In Your Light

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