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She wasn’t sure what had changed,
But something had.
Was it him or was it her,
She quietly thought to herself.
She studied him in her mind for a while,
Not quite sure what it was she was looking for.
But something had changed.
She had a long list of reasons why,
He went from boyfriend to ex-boyfriend.
She grabs her drink and stirs the ice cubes around with her finger.
Then takes her finger and runs it down the side of the glass,
Leaving a trail through the wet condensation.
Her drink starts to slip out of her conscious mind,
As he finds his way back into her random thoughts,
He has been looking pretty good lately,
She laughs as soon as she says it.
The absurdly of even entertaining such a thought,
Has her looking at the bottle on the counter.
I haven’t drank that much tonight, Have I.
But something has changed.
She turns up the song playing over her phone,
Closes her eyes for a moment,
And just lets the sounds wash over her.
The tension in her body slowly starts to dissipate,
Beneath the heavy pulsing of the music.
She gets up and grabs some ice from the freezer,
Throws 2-new cubes into her drink.
As she is pulled to the window by the movement,
Of some branches from a nearby tree.
It looks cold outside today she thinks.
A sudden chill runs through her body,
As his face drifts through her heart,
For the last time.
How much longer till summer,
She whispers…
Tom Allen... 12-10-2016…