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Pot Pourri  

 I bought a little Hamster

To sleep by my bed

The very next morning

I found my Hamster Dead.

I returned to the pet shop 

To hear what they had to say,
Annoyed about my Hamster

That only lasted for a day.

The man said I'm amazed  

 I really really am.
Boil it up with sugar

To make a lovely jam.

I did as he instructed ,

But what an awful taste,

I threw it through the window

Appalled at the waste.

That very next morning 

An almost Wordsworthian scene:

Hordes and hordes of nodding 

Daffodils where my lawn had been.

The man at the pet shop said

I’m amazed I really really am

Normally we get some tulips

From a batch of Hamster Jam.


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Pot Pourri