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Heaven touched earth with love one Holy Night - when a
Baby cried in a humble cattle stall - when the true FATHER
Of mankind - gave us the greatest gift this world affords - for one
And all - and wrapped Him in a  fragile infants skin - dependant on
His own creation to care and nurture Him - and - at the mercy of the
Elements and schemes of man - that touch each human life - for
Good or ill each day - yes - such was the power of God's great
Love for us - displayed in weakness and humility - two
Thousand years ago - on that first
Christmas Day.

Now - tell me truthfully - how would you feel - if - on your
Birthday - millions celebrated on your special day - with all the
Trappings - fun and merriment - and glorious food - prepared in
Sumptuous array - and yet - did not invite the one for whom such
Giving and undulgence was intended for ? - or reach out to all the
Lonely people - walking past each wreath-clad door - with kindness
And acceptance - and a welcome hand of festive cheer - how
Would you truly feel - if on your birthday - someone
Else took centre stage each year ?

Well - so it  is my friends - for God's own Son - on this most
Wondrous Day - but - the King of Glory is no longer a babe - lying
On a bed of common hay - but  waiting closely in the wings of time -
Upon a snow white steed - to come again in Glory - to take His Bride -
His Church - away - and all who trust in Him indeed - just as the simple
Shepherds on the hills so long ago - received the news from angel voices
Loud and clear - Hozanna in the Highest - and great peace to all
Mankind - with joyful cheer - for God Himself has come to
Earth - to help us find our way back Home - where the
Party never ends - and all the glory goes to Him -
The One who was - and is - and is to come -
Amen - Amen .

So now - for all of you - my dearest friends
In this - the Season of Good will ...

Remember Him - who came and paid the price
At Calvery - to take our sins away - and give to
Us His peace - and Life in full ...

Our Saviour - King - Redeemer - LORD and GOD
Whose birth - in truth - we  really celebrate  this
Glorious Christmas Day -

And so - come now and
Join your voice with mine - if you can truly say .....

Happy Birthday Jesus - You are welcome in my
Heart and home - on this - Your very
Special Day .


There is no Christmas without Christ ... and

There is only One FATHER at Christmas ...and

He is ..GOD the Father of Jesus Christ - His

Only Begotten Son .


Have a very Happy Christmas

With love from

Stella ><


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