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What happened to the
Republican Party
Of The United States of America
The Party that freed the slaves
In another way
Supper for a blow fish
Which way will the fish swish
To mean or kind
Getting America Strong Again
False hope for masses blind

What happened to less government
The Major Wars that bring death's fits
Arms that bare holding
Weapons of function
Feeding the fury
Earth's mass destruction
Bump Ta Bump
Crunk Ta Crunk
Duck Ta Luck
Gunk Ta Bunk
Dump Tha Trump.

3/23/2016 1313 cj

P.S. Evonna deserved way more than one dollar and
     all the dresses she wanted.  Trumping the
     Queen of Hearts is not good for the
     Jack of Clubs in the world.  The cost of
     love lost is hate gained.  As it is said,
     "You win more bees with honey", and then
     A person has some sugar to pour on this world
     Instead of vinegar, acidic and vulgar,
     Diluted down to a douche, a feminine hygiene product
     Or a bitter pickle in a BALL canning jar looking
     Out at the world with a sour puss attitude
     Toward a nation that's strength was written into
     A plan called the Constitution of the United States of American.

     Pickles, the water bath is over
     Your warts are showing towards the many
     Who could find substance in you, but
     Pickles have no calories, thus no energy
     A leader has to not only talk the talk
     But more importantly walk the walk
     Time to walk you down to the root cellar
     And put you on a shelf
     As it's going to be a long cold Winter for
     America, if you become President
     There will be potato salad flying all over the Earth
     In the way you want to make America great
     A WW3 kind of food fight
     Give it up
     Those Arkansas women already make super potato salad
     That will fill up the bellies of this nation with sweet pickles
     A picnic
     A stroll in the park
     Because this nation has always been great
     It's just too hard for you to see that
     Being a sour pickle in a dark root cellar, sir.

     10/1/2016 0501 cj

The democrats lost, and I am sad.  12/14/2016 `1415
This poem leaves me worried, I will rot in some horrible prison for writing it;
although, it was written preTrump.

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