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For those who FORGOT, about ME, and, made ME--FEEL--like i was--NOTHING
What will they say, what will they do, when they discover , that i am--SOMETHING

For those, who forgot, all about me, disgraced, me, displaced, and disked me, and thought that i was--LOWER--WORTHLESS--OVER-WEIGHT--and--NOTHING
How will they act, when to MYSELF, that i FEEL, as GREAT as. a--KING

We will,--THINK--and--ACT--WALK--and--TALK--just the same, as others make us--FEEL
When i was a. --BOY--growing up in--WINONA-MINNESOTA, my mother, father, sister, and brother, grand-parents, aunts , uncles, cousins, best friends, coaches, teachers, and --GREAT-NEIGHBORS--they made me FEEL, GREAT, and STRONG, like i BELONGED, and STURDY, and SOLID, as UN-BREAKABLE---MINNESOTA-STEEL

By john djungers

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