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A blind man runs the best shebeen

The room is dark, the music loud,

Just one red bulb to light the bar,

Someone's angry, someone's mad,

Someone scarpered - legged it fast.


Flashing light stabs left to right,

Mascara’s worried, so's Old Spice,

Guys out searching for the man,

Who grassed 'em up and blew the gaff.


Where did he go, which way and when?

Was at the bar when they came in,

Not there now, glass upside down,

He's done a runner - gone to ground.


Close by the fire the keeper sits,

Across from him his wife aho knits,

Don't ask if so-and-so was seen,

A blind man runs the best shebeen.


A shebeen (Irish: sibin) originally an illicit bar or club where
excisable alcoholic beverages were sold without licence. The
word comes from the Irish sibin meaning illicit whisky.


© Joseph G Dawson