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Quatrains of a Quadragenarian

My thoughts in quatrains I most often phrase,
Nor is this likely a passing phase.
I enjoy the challenge of rhyming these lines,
As they curl from my mind like unruly vines.

What should I write, I often have wondered;
The triumph of man, or how he has blundered?
Alas, while some see the good and noble in man,
I see only God's unfinished plan.

We were intended to be so much more than we are,
Not marooned on this world, near one small star.
Yet man is still a willful, stubborn child,
He is too easily distracted, too quickly riled.

So do not expect cheery, uplifting words,
To make your heart soar like the freest of birds.
Know my words come from the heartache within,
When I see how we have fallen, how we have sinned.

Consider these words, as you read them I pray,
And ponder the deeds you have done on this day.
Were your thoughts noble, your intentions sincere,
Or need you a forgiving Father, with a listening ear?

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Quatrains of a Quadragenarian