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"The Party"

It was a typical Friday night house party, a bunch of kids with a keg, a 150-Solo red plastic 16oz cups and a house belonging to someone’s out of town parents. $5.00 Bucks at the side gate got you a red Solo cup and all the beer you could drink before the keg ran out.
If you were Hot, a smile could get you a cup for free. Tammy wasn’t Hot, she was average or slightly above average at best, so she handed the guy at the gate a $10.00 bill with a faint smile, and got 2-cups, one for her and one for her friend Ruth, who didn’t want to be there. You could tell that by the way Tammy dragged her by the hand to the keg like a stubborn child.
It was still quite early when the girls got to the keg line, only a couple of guys were hanging around the keg, which was sitting in a tub of fresh ice in the center of a large and well-kept lawn. The ice still looking pristine and glistening in the light of a patio flood light.
Tammy holds out her cup to the guy holding the tap, keg security hasn’t broken down yet, still being early in the night. So the guy holding the tap looks over towards the guy manning the gate and he nods, so without a word he starts to fill Tammy’s cup. Tammy’s sure she knows him but can’t remember from where, does he play on the football team? As she tries to put a name to the face she feels the cold beer running over her fingers and pulls back the cup. The tap guy eases off the tap and looks over to Ruth who is staring at the ice surrounding the keg.
Hey, Hey, I know you says the tap man to Ruth, you’re in one of my classes. Ruth just turns to him and holds out her cup and says "if you add some water to the ice it will keep the keg colder". Yea, I remember you now 3rd period science with Mr. B. Well I might just do that. I’m Jack, and you might know a thing or two about ice but I’ll give you a tip about beer, tilt your cup so you don’t get so much foam. Here I’ll show you how. Jack takes the cup from her hand and dumps it on the lawn, then tilting the cup as he works the tap he pours the perfect beer with only a whisper of foam on the top that disappeared as he handed it back to her. Ruth takes the cup and for the first time takes a really good look at the guy that just poured her the perfect beer. Ruth recognized him from 3rd period science, he always sat in the back and was always cracking jokes, but she never noticed just how blue his eyes were.
Let’s go said Tammy, pulling Ruth behind her. The girls staked out a corner in what was a very big family room. The house had many large and open rooms with few walls, perfect for parties. Ruth started to sit down on a loveseat tucked behind a coffee table till Tammy yanked her to her feet. We need to stand she said matter of factually, that way we can see everything. Plus my legs are my best feature and I just spent 2-weeks’ pay on these boots and I’m not hiding either behind some 2nd hand coffee table said Tammy, while looking down and admiring both her legs and her boots, both of which were sticking out of a short black skirt.
Ruth stood up and surveyed the whole scene, she noticed in the kitchen there was a table with a few guys and one girl trying to get a game quarters going. Why don’t we go play that game says Ruth pointing at the guys at the kitchen table? First says Tammy, pushing down Ruth’s out stretched arm, never point. You don’t want the guys your talking about to know you’re talking about them. Second you go sit at that table and after an hour and a half you’ll either be throwing up in the bathroom, or giving it up in the bedroom. OH, maybe not till later then said Ruth with a sly smile.
Ruth were here to be seen and build up some kind of school rep. I want to be able to walk down the halls and have someone notice me, and call me by name. Now stand up straight and look HOT!
A boy walked by with a cigarette in his mouth, Ruth reached over and grabbed it and stuck it in her mouth and turned back towards Tammy saying "Do I look HOT now"? The boy not missing a beat, just pulled out his pack of Camels and lit another one, never even looking at the girls as he headed outside towards the keg.
Tammy grabbed the cigarette from Ruth’s mouth and dropped it into an empty beer cup on the coffee table. Everybody knows only the sluty girls smoke.
Ruth, giggling finishes her beer in just 3-big gulps and says I think I’m finally starting to have a good time. I’m going to get another beer, you want one? Tammy just shrugs and holds her empty cup out to Ruth. Ruth grabs the cup and starts to find her way towards the keg outside, pausing at the kitchen table to watch a few shots of the quarter’s game. She can hear Tammy behind her yelling "The bathroom or the bedroom". Ruth just smiles and shakes her head without replying as she finds a door that leads outside.
All of a sudden Tammy felt really awkward, all alone, standing in a corner, not even a beer to hold. She looks at her nails as if she is inspecting the nail polish for some small defects that warranted her time at that moment, but really she was just trying to kill some time till Ruth returned. Looking down at her nails Tammy wondered how many girls started smoking just so they would have something to do when they were stuck all alone at a parties and the such. And what better way to talk to a cute guy then to go up and bum a cigarette. You don’t even need to come up with anything to say, just stand next to him and smoke, let him come up with something to say. Maybe those sluty girls were smarter than she thought.
Ruth came into view, smiling and bouncing off party goers carrying 2-full beers in what is now a packed and rocking party. Ruth could see Tammy at the far end of the living room staring at her nails when she came in from the backyard, but in the time it took in the keg line and to get back, people were now shoulder to shoulder in some spots. Ruth tried to be polite and started saying excuse me and pardon me as she tried to gently get through the crowd of people but it just wasn’t working. So Ruth drank a 1/3 out of each cup of beer and then just held each cup high above her head then kind of just ping ponged herself off of people till she got over to Tammy.
Tammy who was quite relived to have Ruth back at her side tried very hard not to show it and quipped at Ruth as she handed her back her beer. Look, you’ve spilled ½ of the beer said Tammy. Ruth who had never had more than a few stolen sips from her dad’s glass, giggled back "OH, I didn’t spill a single drop, trust me". Jack was still working the tap and he made sure both cups were filled to the top when I left. Tammy just rolls her eyes and takes a drink from her beer.
Ruth, see those 3-girls over their said Tammy, kind of pointing at them with her nose. You mean the "Hoties" said Ruth, looking at 3-very pretty blonds who looked like 3-Barbie’s posing in their Barbie playhouse waiting for Ken to bring them more drinks. Yea, The Hoties says Tammy while rolling her eyes. Tammy HATED that nickname that the 3-friends had earned, mainly because of jealousy. Tammy so wanted to be recognized when she walked down those crowded High-School halls, not just another nameless face. See how all 3 of them look so bored, as if all this is so beneath them. I bet they practice that look in the mirror. Boys find that look so HOT! Where do you get all this stuff from said Ruth? I read Cosmo every night of course said Tammy.
I need to find a bathroom said Ruth, I’ll be right back. I’m going with you said Tammy, besides according to Cosmo you don’t want to stay in one place too long or you’ll be thought of as nothing more than a wall flower.
Tammy and Ruth work their way to a back bathroom in the very large home to avoid the crowed one’s near the center of the party.
The girls were passing a partially open bedroom door when Ruth heard a faint plea coming from inside. Ruth pulled Tammy to a halt to listen. They both could now hear "Not so fast, slow down, slow down, I’m not sure I want to do this". What should we do whispered Ruth? Find a bathroom, let’s GO said Tammy. But before the girls could take a step they both heard a loud muffled "STOP" come through the bedroom door. Ruth slammed open the bedroom door "STOP MEANS STOP!!!" she yelled. Both girls peered through the wide open door and on the bed were 2-people whose clothes were in various stages of undress. The smaller of the two was pinned down to the bed by the larger one.
Tammy flicked on the lights and both girls were at first shocked to see that it was one of the larger girls from the band, who had a very small framed boy pinned under her who they thought was president of the chess or French club or something. Then both girls just broke out into uncontrollable laughter. Ruth was trying to say "Stop means Stop no matter who says it" but was laughing so hard you couldn’t really understand her. Tammy pulled Ruth from the doorway, stuck her head back into the room and said "CHECKMATE!" as she flicked off the lights and shut the door.
Both girls were still laughing as they came up to a bathroom door which suddenly opened up as a boy came stumbling out, jeans half unbuttoned, Quiksilver tee shirt hanging out with fresh beer stains down part of the front of the shirt. The boy still trying to work the buttons down the front of his "501’s" looks up and is a bit surprised to see the girls so close to him and kind of jumps back and says "Hi ladies" in a bit of a slurred voice.
I’m Nate Anderson and I’m running for president of the good old USA, and I’m prepared to do anything to get your vote, he said with a big smile. Tammy knew who Nate was right away. His sandy blond hair and just the right shade tan. He is one of the more popular kids, he didn’t play sports or participate in anything school related, he just surfed. Nate surfed before school, he surfed after school and he surfed during school. Nate was smart and could easily get B’s in all of his classes without really even trying and Nate was all about easy and not really trying.
Ruth who didn’t know or recognize him, had flirted more tonight than her whole tenure at high school, looked over at Nate and with her best innocent school girl look and said "Just what does anything mean"? Batting her eyes at him. During the 2-seconds right after her pitch to Nate a stream of thoughts played through her mind. I never thought I could have this much fun at a school party that I didn’t even want to come to, I wonder what kind of beer this is, I’ll have to ask Jack later and did I really just bat my eyes at this guy, I only thought they did that in the movies.
Nate looked over at Ruth and said "How about we start with this" as he pulled up his shirt to expose a pint size bottle of vodka, which was pressed against his abs by his 501’s. Ruth didn’t hesitate and grabbed the bottle right from his waist line.
But Tammy didn’t even notice, she hadn’t stopped staring at his abs since he pulled up his shirt. They were perfect she thought, just like the guys in G.Q. magazine.
What does it taste like asked Ruth? Who was fumbling with the plastic cap. Nate dropped his shirt, much to Tammy’s dismay, and grabbed back the bottle, Hey Now, this stuff is only for the big girls, what grade are you in? Nate said looking at Ruth.
Tammy snapped out of her trance, took a step towards Nate and said, in a low soft and sexy voice, "I think I’m big enough for this ride, don’t you"? as she took the bottle from his hand, slowly unscrewed the cap while looking Nate straight in the eyes and then flipped the cap back over to him as if she was flipping him a quarter. Then she held the bottle to her lips and took 3 very long swallows, then picked up her beer and drank the rest of it trying to wash the burn and the after taste of the vodka down and keep it down. Tammy handed the bottle back to Nate, who for the first time was taking a real good look at this totally enchanting girl.
Some might say Tammy is no more than a better than average girl, but Nate thought she had this cocky edge to her that he really liked, and those long slender legs tucked into those boots gave her a look he knew he really liked.
Ruth starting to feel a little unnoticed as Nate was taking in all of Tammy said "Hey it’s my turn" and held out her hand for the bottle, but Tammy already a little wobbly pulled Ruth back and said you better stick to beer. Nate just laughed and pulled up his shirt and tucked the bottle back into his waist line, held up both his hands making peace signs and said "Remember to vote for Nate Anderson for president", then turned and started to disappear back down the hall. YOU GOT MY VOTE!!!, screamed back Ruth. Nate stopped and turned around and said "What about you Boots, do I have your vote"? You’ll have to count me as an undecided right now said Tammy. Nate just laughed again and headed towards the noise and heart of the party.
Boots he said, that’s funny said Ruth. Tammy just looked at her and rolled her eyes, as both girls started to pile into the now empty bathroom. Ruth started to undo her jeans but Tammy held up a finger to signal her to wait, then she pulled back the shower curtain that hide the bath tub. What are you doing asked Ruth? You always have to check behind the shower curtain said Tammy, didn’t you ever see the movie "Valley Girl"? I loved that movie said Ruth but if you’re hoping to meet some hot guy that spends his time at parties waiting behind a shower curtain for just the right girl, then we need to talk.
Just do your business while I make sure these lips have just the right amount of poutyness. After finishing up in the bathroom both girls found themselves in the now very crowed backyard. They got in the keg line which was now 9 or 10 people deep. Jack was still manning the tap when he saw them pulling into the rear of the line. HEY RUTH, come to the front of the line, I got something for you, and bring your skinny friend, hollered Jack.
Jack had definably had more than a few beers as he watched Ruth take charge this time and grab Tammy by the wrist and yank her to the front of the line as she went. Here said Jack as he handed Ruth a new cup of beer with which he had written his name and phone number on the cup with a sharpie 15-times. Didn’t want you to forget me. Ruth laughed as she took the cup, Tammy just rolled her eyes and handed Jack her empty cup to fill. Jack started to fill the cup but at 1/3 of the way up just foam started to come out. Jack reaches back and pumps the keg a few times, still only foam comes out, then picks up the keg and shakes it and then states "keg’s dead" in a normal voice. But it was as if he yelled fire. The people in line were the first to react, some cursing, others just groaning their displeasure. Then like a wave, word worked its way through the backyard and into the house. Nobody had said the party was over or even that anyone had to leave, but with the beer gone, the glue that held this party together began to break apart.
People were already beginning to filter out as the girls turned and looked at each other. Tammy looked at Ruth’s full beer and Ruth could tell by Tammy’s eyes she was going to ask for ½ of it, so Ruth up ended the cup and didn’t bring it down till the cup was empty. Leaving a goofy smile on her lips. Both girls had drank more tonight then they had ever expected too. Ruth had drank way more beer but those big gulps from the vodka bottle were really starting to kick in on Tammy, who had thought that her new boots were her 2nd best asset tonight was starting to find them a little hard to walk in, as she kept finding herself bumping off of Ruth’s shoulder as they too began to make their way out of the backyard.
Jack had tried to stand up on the empty keg to try and find Ruth but couldn’t get his balance. Then one of his buddies held the keg steady as another one stood next to the keg so Jack could climb onto the keg and keep balance by putting his hand on his friend’s shoulder to steady his self. Jack spotted Ruth and yelled "CALL ME!" Ruth didn’t look back but held the plastic cup with his name and phone number written all over it high above her head as she walked away. Jack couldn’t see it but Ruth had a big smile on her face.
The girls finally hit the street and tried to remember where they parked. They finally decided on a direction and started walking towards the general area of their car. It was slow going, Ruth was drunk but Tammy seemed to be getting worse as they walked along. By the time they reached the car Ruth was smart enough to know neither of them should be driving, so she unlocked the car and grabbed their coats and a pair of gym shoes for Tammy to switch into for the rest of the walk home. Tammy put on the sneakers but insisted on carrying her new boots with her.
As the girls walked along, with Tammy bouncing off of Ruth every 15-feet or so she asked in a very drunken voice "Did you have fun, Ruth? You did have fun right?" I had a great time said Ruth in a soothing and comforting voice to Tammy. Yea, you met someone and got his phone number and he likes you. Not one person at that party even asked me my name said Tammy, no longer strong and unbroken, almost crying as she talked to Ruth. Ruth not sure what to say, just pulled Tammy closer as they walked.
Monday morning both girls were walking together down the crowded High School halls on their way to 3rd period class. The Hotties walked by them going in the opposite direction, and heads started turning in their wake. Tammy just rolls her eyes as she shakes her head. I haven’t even had a single person say they saw me at the party on Friday. I’m still just a nameless face in the crowd. Me too said Ruth. Just as the words left her mouth a guy walking by wearing sunglasses and smoking a cigarette stops and looks at Ruth and says "Hey Ruth, you owe me a cigarette". Confused Ruth looks at him and says "what are you talking about, where do I know you from?" The boy looks Ruth in the eye, tilts down his sunglasses and says" The party Friday night". Then it clicks and she remembers he was the guy she took the cigarette from at the party. He pushes back his sunglasses and starts to walk off down the hall, "Camels", is all he says. Well maybe one guy remembered me said Ruth, through a weak smile.
All of a sudden there was a loud booming voice coming from down the hall. "RUTH!", "RUTH!" It was Jack, hanging out of the door to 3rd period science. "YOU NEVER CALLED ME!" Yelled Jack, "DID YOU LOSE MY NUMBER!?" "NO!" Ruth yells back, "SEE!" as she pulls out a dented up red plastic Solo-16oz cup from her purse with his name and number written all over it and holds it high over her head. "TAMMY SAID I HAD TO WAIT 3-DAYS BEFORE I COULD CALL YOU!" Tammy whisper’s you’re not supposed to tell him that, as the 3rd period bell rings.
You going to be OK? Said Ruth, as she was already pulling away from Tammy and towards 3rd period science and Jack. Yea, sure, I’ll see you at lunch.
Tammy slumped a bit as she walked over to her locker and got her 3rd period history book and started for class. The halls were almost empty now when she heard someone yelling "Hey Boots! "Then again louder "BOOTS!", she turned around and there was Nate Anderson coming down the hall and she realized he was calling her.
Her heart began to race as he came up to her smiling, tan and looking as if he had just got back from surfing.
Now in a softer voice Nate says, "Hey boots, what do you say I walk you to class and see if I can’t change you from an undecided vote to a vote for Nate Anderson for president?" Tammy smiled and said "Ok. I got history in room 113 next". Tammy was standing much taller now as Nate said "You know boots, I looked for you later that night but couldn’t find you". I never even got your name boots, what is it? Tammy she said, it’s Tammy…