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In the public eye, many times you will see, people, walk talk and speak, so confident, and positively sure, proud and tall
They look and act, so so perfect, and self assured, so brilliant, and bright, with not a flaw or fall
But i know and believe, no matter what whete, when, why or who
For me, for you, for us, for we, life is going to knock us down, and humble us all, sooner or latter, too

When a person, is in the public eye, with great fame, wealth, and fortune, abundantly blessed
Be humble, kind, generous and caring, sharing, compassionate, and considerate, do not forget, those still struggling, surviving,to find their way, who have so much less

If you have the honor, priveledge, and pleasure,,to be out in the public eye, on world wide center stage, do your best to reach out, with a generous loving and caring heart to share
Show others really how much you do truely--CARE

By john d jungers
22 december 2016

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In the public eye