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I cant let things, and people get me so down, and upset
I don't want to feel, disappointed with any regret

When for others, that you feel, that you are doing your best, and even way above your means, better than your very best
When you are taken for granted, criticized, put down, shunned, and ignored, disrespected, it hurts, harms, and hinders you, making, you feel, so much less

Every time that i feel, as this , something deep, deep, inside me--DIES
Inside i feel, so alone, cold and DRY

For people, all that i have, i will give away, and hold back nothing
I will gladly freely, completely, give away--all that i have--EVERYtHING

What hurts me most, is feeling--UNAPPRECIATED
Leaving me inside, myself feeling cold alone and dead

By john d jungers
22 december 2016

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I cant let things, and people get me so upset