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I am no going to cover up, my feelings anymore
I am going to be straight up, exact, and precise, and will play the, game no more

I am, always, always, the one trying to keep--PEACE
By understanding, supporting, others, more an they treat me less and least

Im not going to just stuff my feelings, and b still and quiet
I am going to be straight up, front, direct, and loud, if need be with riot

If i feel that i am don wrong
Just like my dad, henry, thats it, I'm gonna put people just right where they--BELONG

No more, will i make or let anybody make me feel, lower, and lesser of myself
Because i know, that in my, life, living, and love, m health is m wealth

By john d jungers
22 december 2016

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I am not going to cover up my feelings anymore