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“Moment of Time”

I see the sun light,
Reflect off a wall,
Then like a back drop,
It illuminates her slender form.
She slides between the shadows,
And a lit stage as she works.
I wonder if others can see,
The fluidity in her steps.
The perfect lines her body makes,
Balanced on her toes,
Stretching more like a dancer,
Then a woman just doing her job.
I catch myself staring,
It's only been a second,
Maybe two.
But it feels as if I have been,
Watching her for hours.
Guilty of being in awe,
Of her natural beauty.
I feel like a thief,
Who has stolen a moment of time.
I make some noise,
To announce myself.
She continues to work,
Unaware of the magnetic hold,
She has on me.
I remind myself,
I too have a job to do.
I start stacking boxes,
Into neat little piles.
The job Sucks,
But the view,
Is Breath Taking…

Tom Allen…12-24-2016