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A year of many changes

As it grinds to its uncertain end

A year which has taken

So many famous almost friends

So many of my Icons 

All too suddenly lost and gone 

So many of the world's icons

As it has swept inexorably on.

So many talented people 

So many a famous name

For me and many others

The world can never be the same.

We celebrate our heroes

Though they’ve tasted their fame

And we mourn the passing 

Of every celebrated name

So many common people 

All over this world lost life

Thanks to natural disasters 

Starvation, predjudice and strife.

They go to their graves

Unmourned and unnamed

Unlike our lost icons

Those idolised and famed

May we see a new year 

Which can bring us some relief

From acts of greed and cruelty 

Religious bigotry, fanatical belief.

It's not going to likely happen

And there's a point I've come to face 

This Earth would've been so much fairer

Without the human race.

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