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I'm in the Lord Line building

And it really is a mess 

Smashed and bashed and vandalised

And showing its distress.

I'm cold and damp and sad

And wish I wasn't here 

But it may have been demolished 

If we'd waited for another year.

There's a sunbeam falling through the 

Glassless window showing dancing dust

Quite beautiful really but I'm damp and

Cold and sad and feeling caffeine lust.

Tucked away inside my pocket

I have my little thermos flask 

Full of hot and sweet and milky

To do everything that I can ask.

Balanced on this broken chair

I can feel the warmth flowing down

Waiting for the camera to

Stop moving slowly around.

I feel I'm about to scream. 

If we do this once more

But instead I concentrate on

Looking through a broken door.

There are poems and graffiti

On nearly every single wall

I wish we had time to read

And film and so record it all

I think only then would I feel

That job to be  compete

To add to the history of 

  Our deep sea fishing fleet 

I'm really very proud to

Have been chosen to do my part

The recording of this bit of history
Really needed to get a good start.

I finish my flask of coffee

With a triumphant grin

At least we’ll get it filmed before

The demolition dozers move in



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